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Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
If McDonagh had been given the PP time Del Zotto has been force fed the past two seasons he would easily outstrip him in points.


McDonagh, 19 points, 29 minutes on the power play (:38 a game)
Del Zotto, 21 points, 133 minutes on the power play (2:54 a game)


McDonagh, 32 points, 51 PP minutes (:37 a game)
Del Zotto, 41 points, 322 power play minutes (4:11 a game!)

In 2011-2012 amongst defensemen, Del Zotto played the minute equivalent of 161 full power plays (3rd most in the league). He got 14 power play points (20th in the league)
It's likely, but in 11-12 McDonagh only had 2 PPPoints (one of those I clearly remember as a secondary assist where he cycled to Girardi who passed to Richards who fired a slapshot into the net where he did basically nothing on the play). Del Zotto had 14 PPP that season. Del Zotto had 6.78 times the PP time and 7 times the PPP.

In 12-13 he had one PPPoint. Del Zotto had 8. Del Zotto had 4.57 times the PP time and 8 times the points.

All this really shows is McDonagh is by far the better ES point producer. Del Zotto showed both seasons to be better with the time he was given on the PP in terms of points. McDonagh didn't get a look with the top PP unit and his sample time size is too small to draw conclusions from frankly. But it cannot be said that he wowed with the time he was given so much that he deserved it more than Del Zotto.

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