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Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
If McDonagh had been given the PP time Del Zotto has been force fed the past two seasons he would easily outstrip him in points.


McDonagh, 19 points, 29 minutes on the power play (:38 a game)
Del Zotto, 21 points, 133 minutes on the power play (2:54 a game)


McDonagh, 32 points, 51 PP minutes (:37 a game)
Del Zotto, 41 points, 322 power play minutes (4:11 a game!)

In 2011-2012 amongst defensemen, Del Zotto played the minute equivalent of 161 full power plays (3rd most in the league). He got 14 power play points (20th in the league)
all valid but sir, have you seen our PP?

Our PP was worse than our EV in the PO almost the entire way despite getting so many PP.

The assumption that had McD gotten more time on the PP, he would have surpassed MDZ in points is based on the month old assumption that McD is inherently superior offensively.

In regards to McD's 32 points to MDZ's 41 points: McD has at least 5 minutes of more ice time per game than MDZ (if not more) playing even strength. Again, our PP sucked so the deficit in PP time isn't as big of an argument as it can be, although perfectly valid.

At best, the two cancels out.

The stat about getting the most PP time and being 20th in PP points, again, have you met our PP, that can't possibly be an indication of MDZ's shortcomings.

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