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07-21-2013, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Norm MacDonald View Post
I disagree. Maybe they didn't make their mark a bit later than 18 or 19, but most of the NHL goalies were top prospects.
No, they weren't. Lundqvist, Rinne, Quick, etc. weren't on anybody's radar screen when they were young prospects.

A couple of them were top prospects. But many of them weren't.

I'm also cautious of how goalie prospects will translate to the NHL level, but I still follow their career trajectories. Besides, people should be wary of prospects of any position, not just goalies. I see a lot of posters claiming that a player can be a "second or third line player" without any perspective of what kind of players occupy those positions. It's a long trek for any prospect to not only make the NHL, but to have real value that warrants the team's patience.
Right, but with goaltenders, that trajectory is much harder to gauge.

In the NHL right now, you can find more elite goaltenders drafted in the later rounds than you can find elite goaltenders drafted in the first round.

Finding goaltending talent is impossibly difficult for the reason I mentioned in my last post. Because there is not really that much difference in talent between elite goaltenders and career backups. Goaltending is all mental, and it's extremely difficult to gauge a teenagers mental ability.

And let's not put a cup-winning goalie in the same category as busts. Flyers would be super lucky to have Fleury.
Just like I said before, Fleury has immense talent. In all honesty, he may be the most talented goalie in the league. That's why we've seen some incredible brilliance from him...but as I said above, talent for goaltenders doesn't mean all that much if you don't have the mental strength to go with it. He's a mess mentally and because of that, all that talent goes to waste.

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