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07-22-2013, 04:54 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
I'd imagine all teams can credit their 'fortune' to luck the way you've broke it down.

I mean you say we had to settle for Brown for example. Basically every team that drafts after 1st overall has to settle for someone. Everyone you get after the 1st round definately has an element of luck to it, since virtually every team has had a shot at drafting that player. I mean, how lucky is Detroit with Federov, Zetterberg and Datsyuk over the years, or even having to settle for Yzerman?

Also, don't you think there is a reason Kovalchuk didn't pick us? Maybe because we weren't going to offer him what NJ did. Hemsky isn't luck, it's DL recognizing he wasn't worth what Tambo wanted. That's just smart, not luck.

If you were to break down things for Chicago this year for example, they likely could point out just as much 'luck' in winning the cup this year, starting with them lucking into Niemi getting an arbitration award to high for them, forcing them to turn over the reins to Crawford who would win the Conn Smythe three years later.

Bottom line is often, the luck balances out and what makes a team a cup champ is skill, not luck.
What are you trying to say? lol

We should have gotten Kovalchuk. The owners in NJ suddenly went strange and for the only time in the Brodeur era of NJ history, they went after a superstar, probably at the great reluctance of Lou Lam.

And no, if you look at Chicago's thing, it's not anything like ours.

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