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07-22-2013, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Cutielemon07 View Post
Of course female fans aren't bad for hockey, even the ones who just watch it because they think the players are hot, because ultimately, they will buy the player they are infatuated with's jersey, thus putting money back into the NHL.

But they do make us females who actually know the rules and what's happening in the game other than 'ooh, isn't Tyler Seguin hot?' look stupid.

I love hockey. I grew up with it. I played it until I blew out my knee and couldn't any more. I hope to get back into it. I love the game at every level.
So women (and men) who just think a certain player is hot, do yourselves and everyone else a favour and just admit that you don't like hockey, you don't like the Bruins, the Blackhawks, the Jets or the Predators and that you only watch the game because you think a certain player is hot. You (and the wonderful game of hockey) will be so much better off for it.
Thank you
I disagree. They're making themselves look stupid. How does that have any affect on me whatsoever?

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