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07-22-2013, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by ottsabrefan View Post
I agree it is unlikely, but it is in his potential. It could happen with his improved skating, skillset and hockey IQ. I said the sky is the limit. Not that he is going to achieve everything under the sky. For what it's worth he is ahead of Daniel Sedin's point totals at his age.

A lot of players were ahead of DS via age comparison. They bloomed very late, by normal standards.

Again, "could happen" doesn't mean anything. One can justify anything by saying it could happen. Will it happen? Very, very doubtful. Just like it is very, very doubtful for the majority of the league's players to crack 100 points. It just doesn't happen to any degree of certainty.

To hedge my bets, I'm gonna say no, it doesn't happen for Cody. I'm banking on the sample of what has occurred before, and say he is extremely unlikely to reach that total. As in, he won't. Likely not even 90 points. Nor 80. 70 I can see. 60 even more so, but he will never hit 100.

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