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Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
The outrage over the "Eastern Division" would be even worse than the outrage over the Met Division.

"OMG! How can they have the same name for the division AND the conference?!"
"Best team in the East?! WTF does that mean now?"
"Leave it to the NHL to not be able to come up with something new or original!"
"Bettman's just making the game confusing for new fans now!"

And there would be much more valid criticism over an Eastern Division. No longer would you be able to say, "The Flyers have just won the East" without having to clarify which East you're referring to. I'd say that's more of an actual problem than anything the Met has introduced.

I don't like the fact that the history of the Atlantic division is now a bit cheapened, but I really think this was the most logical option if you're not going with "legend" names. Metropolitan fits our division better than it does the other one, and "Atlantic" applies for the other division in the same way "Pacific" applies for Phoenix, Calgary, and Edmonton. The teams in the East are so geographically clustered that any geographical name is going to have some sort of incongruous overlap.
It's just weird that only two teams in the "Atlantic" Division are actually on the Atlantic Ocean, while 6 teams in the Metro Division are within 100 miles of it. Honestly, I have no problem with the Metro Division, and the naming options were crap to begin with, so the NHL didn't have much to work with. They did have other options, though, and those might have made some sense. First, since the only two teams in our division that aren't on the Eastern Seaboard are Columbus and Pittsburgh, we could have been the Seaboard Division, which, like the other divisions, has an actual geographic marker in the name.

Second, and perhaps better, scrap "Eastern Conference" and "Western Conference." That frees up those names. Go back to Campbell and Wales Conference, and go with Western Division, Midwest Division, Eastern Division, and Mideast Division.

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