Thread: Speculation: Grabovski bought out
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07-22-2013, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Flowah View Post
I'm just going based on your premise. That if he could be had for 2.5 he'd be signed by now.

Wings are in the east now. A contender that added a couple of good pieces this year and had good talent coming up. Has his good friend Datsyuk. And could pretty easily find 2.5M somewhere.

If he could be signed for just 2.5M I think the only reason we aren't hearing about a potential deal with the Wings is because we got enough centers and he wouldn't be on the wing because that's where Captain Canada goes. Plus, signing Cleary gets rid of any money we'd need for Grabo anyway.
Again, can you point out where I said that we're the only team that could sign him for $2.5 and Cleary is stopping us? You're putting words in my mouth, as you seem to enjoy doing to my posts.

My point stands: if he would have accepted $2.5, he'd have signed with someone by now.

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