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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
Offensive and defensive hockey IQ are one and the same. Eller is effective defensively because he is bigger and faster than most of his opponents. When you combine this with his tenacity and puck pursuit, he can be a real pain to deal with.

The reason that players with high hockey IQ's may not always score is that they often lack the skills to complete the plays that are developing. A smart player will recognize this and not risk turning the puck over by overextending his limitations. You basically reiterated what I was saying about Eller, as his skill buys him time but his vision takes a while to catch up with the play as it unfolds. This is why he will never be a #1 center.......he may be a good #2 or a great #3 but he is definitely limited by his lack of vision/hockey IQ.
Take into considerations his age, lack of offensive development and his 2 years wasted on defensive duties (with Martin) and playing with rookies and grinders might not have help either.

This guy put up 29 points in 21 games while playing junior international hockey....must have some great hockey IQ in him. I think he is just getting it back under Therrien.

I don't picture him as a 1st line center but still, as for a center, he ended up being the:

37th center for points
22nd center for ES points
24th in assists

The guy played with a 18yo rookie and some grinders (Prust, Armstrong, Dumont) and spent the first 1/4 of this season on the bench, fourth line, on the wings....and without powerplay time, he almost gave us first line offensive production.

22nd for hits (For a center)
19th for blocked shots
57th for shots

All this at 23 years it so out of this world to think that with 2-3 more years of developpement, better linesmate, better ice-time and powerplay time....we're talking about an Elite 2nd line center in the making???

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