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Originally Posted by Mathletic View Post
Seriously, I get that you're passionate about the Habs and have infinite respect for Trevor Timmmis. I do to (maybe not infinite but a lot). Probably one of the best if not the best in the business. But this is a bit much at times.
Not defending Grant, he's a big man, can do it himself. Yet, I understand his reactions. We are talking about his job here. If there was a board when people, not really in the business, were continouously second guessing the type of work that I'm doing while I'm actually amongst the only one that has an idea what it is about...I'd probably have the same reactions. But I also get what you are saying.

Going back to Grant's point, his story about how the Rangers Jessiman pick tell me one thing....either the ONLY one guy was the head scout....either this head scout make a terrible mistake by going with one opinion instead of ALL the others who were going with a different player. Yet, you have to think that in the end, the head scout has the final say and went with how really convinced his scout was. I mean, it is just CSS, just another list, but it's not like they had Jessiman in the 3rd round...they had him 20th in North America. 2 spots before....Bergeron. Clearly, where the Rangers picked him seemed too soon, I mean, I remember my reaction, that's what I thought to, not really because I had seen him play that much, but because I had others in mind for sure.

Point about McCarron is this....Did teams had McCarron in their first 20 picks no matter their needs. Was McCarron a 25th pick because Montreal was sorely lacking that type of player? Did needs command McCarron to be selected at that spot?

But then, in the end, it's one thing to draft a guy based on what you's a totally different thing to draft him based on what he can develop and give you in the future. Is he committed in improving? Has he already showed an improvement in his draft year or even the years before. I mean, in his draft year, even for a big man, Lucic was not a great skater. Didn't have the greatest of hands either. And people didn't believe in him as much as Habs did with McCarron as he would have been selected before. But he incredibly improved. Just like Patrice Bergeron improved so much. The basis were all there for those players. But it's their improvement that made them the NHL players that they are today....not what they were showing in their draft year. In the end.....if a team would have picked Milan Lucic in the 1st round....we would have called for it as a bust pick. "Nothing more than at best a 4th line fighter". In retrospect.....we hated the Habs every day of the week for going with the great Urquhart instead.

I think that people overestimate this "we need to be careful with big guys as they could bust..." Thing is....everybody busts. I guess the sounds of the bust is BIGGER for a big guy....but how's Patrick White? Yes, Thomas Hickey finally plays in the league...but was he really worthy of a 4th overall? Gilbert Brule....Zach Hamill....or others bigger players 6'1'', 6'2'' like Zagrapan etc... Everybody bust. Nature of the game.

Habs have had some problems at the draft table. For so long what their inability to be interested, to find, or call it as you want, to develop some power forwards or some grit in their lineup. We are trying to address that. Can't fault them for trying. Even if, in the end, even for me, there might have been better candidates. I know one thing.....I hated the Urquhart pick but I didn't mind not going for Lucic....history shows I should have....No matter who you go for, chances are there will be a better player. For every pick you make, chances are 1 of the other 29 teams that will pick after you might make a better pick than you. In the end, in the long run, just freakin draft some great players that will eventually form your great team. And one thing is sure, if McCarron develops the way they think he can, there's just no way you'll be able to trade or get a player like might as well draft him.

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