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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Sometimes I just have to respond to revisionist view. There was no optimism by the end of 2011.

11-7 team yeah, one that was going absolutely nowhere and nobody expected it to. People at the time, and anybody could bring up the thread, were surprised to even win a playoff game against Calgary.

Lets look at that year. WE were 6th in offense with the vaunted RR at QB. Only two clubs in the league had WORSE offence. Curiously we played the Argos at home that year(a horrible club) and barely beat them by 1pt. For anybody in attendance it was a hopeless day. A 4-0 team had just jumped the shark and showed the first sign of futility that would rear its head that year.
On cue, that horrible performance against the Argos sets the tone for a collapse. A 5-0 club proceeds to lose the next 3 games. Get annihilated by Winnipeg, Montreal (27-4) and BC(36-1) the latter being the single worst QB performance(by RR) that I had ever witnessed from the Eskimos in my life. In two games the Esks offense had scored 5 pts. Afairc the one FG was setup by a D turnover. ANYBODY at the time considered this team absolutely pathetic and were going off the rails here how lousy the club was. There were comments the team might not win another game. It seemed like a complete collapse.

The Eskimos lurched along to where they were 7-6 at the start of October(remember this was a club that somehow opened 5-0 with those days long past) The Esks then fashioned some semblence of prosperity by beating the Roughriders twice (an awful club) barely beating the Argos, and getting by Winnipeg. They also lost their 3rd game in a row against the Lions setting a pretty clear tone in 3 games in which they were waxed by the Leos every time.

Lets be clear here, the Esks that year were 3-0 against a hopeless Riders club, barely edged the Argos twice, and were not exactly world beaters.

WE won the season series against the Stamps but had lost the last home game against them. We tied them in standings but got the home playoff start. Lets remember the Esks had started the season 5-0, and the Stamps had started the season 0-5. Stamps had recovered their season while the Esks were dog paddling. Eskimos somehow managed to get by the Stamps that day on a solid D performance that stifled the Stamps and gave the Esks offense endless opportunities. RR has a very ordinary day. Really an awful second half. Stamps were actually in control of the game in the first half, had scored the only TD, and were threatening another when Tate dropped back to pass, inexplicably fumbled the ball, and Munoz rumbled 77yds for the TD. It was the first sign of life the Esks showed that day. Bowman then made a great play on a routine swing pass to go run 56yds for a TD and the game was ours. RR passed for 200 yds that day. A hundred of it were YAC yds.

Esks trot into BC, to whom they've been trounced 3 times in a row, and they don't have a chance. Lulay quickly shows what a QB on top of his game looks like and its 26-3 by the half, the game is over. The Eskimos offense is pathetic in the game and can't do anything. The D stops the game from being a complete legendary drubbing. The esks score a couple meaningless TD's after the game is long over and make the final score line a more respectable 40-23. The Esks had been out of this game for a longtime. RR had just completed his time here having played 2 very ordinary playoff games. He was awful in the Leos game and completely outmatched in every way by the upstart Lulay.

That was that season folks and it certainly wasn't optimism in these parts. Although people will tell you that now.

The league, and the West, was not all that strong that year. Calgary had not much of a club, only Leos and Als really offered up all that much opposition that year. One of those bad years in the CFL where its hard not to have a winning record. This didn't separate that we were a world apart from the only two good clubs in the league that year. To wit we lost 6 games in a row to those two good clubs that year.
I said when RR was traded, that I felt he would never win another cup if he had stayed with the Eskimos, and I still believe that. Guess we'll never know. Maybe it's that he finally gave in to the pathetic mediocrity of this organization and lost his will to complete and win. Who knows. But years of being beat down by ridiculous management and incompetent coaching can wear on even the best soldiers. Just look at the Oilers for examples.

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