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07-22-2013, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Speaking of rehashing, I've been saying all along that there are solid arguments on both side. I'm concluding with my opinion, nothing more, nothing less, that the bridging contract was my preference, all along respecting that others may think differently. As 417 is saying, we don't see that from the other side where it's an attack saying that whoever thinks differently brings garbage to the debate, which is obviously NOT the case, but they can't (in most part) see and recognize that.

I understand that. But one must recognize the savings on the cap hit for last year and mostly, mostly next year, when the cap goes down drastically. This pretty much evens the playing field, no?
People ''attack'' your post because of your lame attempts at ridiculing them.

As for the savings, what were they? We had enough cap space last season to have PK signed to a deal doubled his cap hit, and that still applies now. That space we ''saved'' was used for absolutely nothing.
That was actually one of the reason some were saying the deal was a good one, because it would permit Bergevin to get a player around the deadline (he didn't), and then it was because he was going to sign some UFA (he did except not the guy anybody here wanted) but we still have the room.
So what's the point in saving some cash if you don't use it?

Also, we were/are in a transitional period, saving some cash last season or this year, even with the cap coming down, wasn't the time to do it. You want to save cash when you're ready to compete, that way you can go after some bigger names that will require over payments. That's in 2-5 years, not 1 1/2.
We are hoping to be competitive when PK, MAxPAc, Price, Eller, Emelin, Diaz, Gally, Galla, Tinordi, Beaulieu (most if not all of them) are holding key positions on our team, those are the guys who's salary we can control, but we will need to sign free agents as well and those guys are the ones that get overpaid. So any little bit of cash saved from the controllable gang in the following 2-4 years is what is a lot more beneficial than now as it should be the time where we overpay for guys.

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