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Money Grab??

Originally Posted by Hockeynoitall View Post
I totally agree with you NAH68. This camp in the past and to date is nothing more than a money grab as is most of the camps that go on. Not all the top end kids go to this camp. Sure they get invited but the smart ones end up spending the money on development such as power skating or strength training. Has a 95 boy that opted not to attend as did other top end kids. You cant evaluate kids that have not been on the ice or have been concentrating on off ice training in a few days. If you are going to do it right, do it mid season or over xmas and get a true read on where these kids are at. from what I have heard there are some top end kids that are not going to this camp but are focusing on training and improving thier skills. To do a true evaluation do it during the season when it most counts. Parents spend your money elsewhere.

I agree to disagree with posts reguarding Western Porspects Bantam Showcase.
Agree that the camp is not designed for development purposes. If you want development be it for skating or skills put your money somewhere else.
Disagree because I attended the orientation and guest speaker presentations yesterday and the information provided to the kids was invaluable. Not invaluable from a development stand point but invaluable from a life lesson stand point. Two speakers JC Lippon and Preston Shupe gave talks about their experiences in hockey to date and the message was clear. No matter what stage a person is at in their hockey development at this stage of their lives, hard work and determination is what ultimately determines how far you can go in hockey. As a parent I have talked to my kids often about this but to hear it from two young role models near their age group drives the message home in a stronger way. The message is coming from role models in their age group who have recently come through the hockey system be it the WHL and the NHL draft as is the case with JC Lippon or through the US Div1 college system as is the case with Preston Shupe.
The other thing that makes this camp unique is the fitness testing element of the camp. They put the kids through a measurable fitness test that most WHL and college teams perform for their athletes. They then put these results in a baseline package that is given to the player. The player is able to then look at the results, be they strengths or weaknesses, and work on improving their results going forward.
They also rank the players over the course of the camp so that each player gets a feel for where they stand at this point in time in their development. Do the ranking mean anything in the big picture of the WHL draft? No not at all because really there are only about 40 of the 160 kids in this camp that will be drafted into the WHL and only about 3 or 4 will get drafted in the first 2 rounds. Are the rankings 100% accurate. No they are the opinions of evaluators who saw a kid play 2 or 3 or 4 hockey games? But I think what this does is give a kid feedback as to where they are in their development and where they need to improve. Hopefully it drives them to work on improving their skills going forward.
Preston Shupe told a great story. As a 15 year old , he tried out for the Weyburn Midget AA team and was cut. At this point he had a choice, quit hockey or play midget house. He chose to play midget house and at that point vowed to dedicate himself to getting better and to make the midget AA team the following year. The next year he made the team and at mid year got called up to play Midget AAA in Tisdale. He was a fourth line player to start with and again came to the realization that he had to work harder to get better in order to become at top line player. With hard work and determination he accomplished this, played three years of junior with Weyburn Redwings and now 3 years of DIV1 US college hockey. Great story and and great message for our kids because no matter what level of hockey they attain the hope is that the lessons learned through sport will lead to successes later in their lives.
As for the money, there are worse thing to spend it on like maybe an XBox and 4 or 5 games $700 bucks.

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