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07-22-2013, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by maplepred View Post

I'd love to be as optimistic as some here, but I am more of a face the facts guy like top 6 here.

People say we will make the playoffs because we have a gritty bottom six? Lol, ooook.
Just because we paid guys way more than they deserved doesn't mean they are worth that and will play to that. Nystrom should have gotten 600,000/year, not 2.5 million!! That's ridiculous!
Hendricks should be a league minimum player, but now as a predator he is pushing 2 million.
Cullen is old as hell and doesn't have much left in his old tank. I will be shocked if he put up 45 points, especially with his surrounding cast.
Beck, forsberg, and bourque are not getting more than 30 points, maybe bourque hits thirty, but the other two haven't even played a quarter season in the NHL yet, to expect our offense to come from then is absurd and any gm would know that.
And rinne wasn't exactly spectacular last season, I love peks but I don't think a 7 year deal was necessary.

This is not a playoff team, not a chance.
youre losing mre and more credibility in my book... first you still list Mueller as ours, then you imply that Poile overpaid a guy by $2million... as if he wasnt going to get offers from anyone else... (the guy did have 7 goals in a 48 game season and had 16 the year before... thats not exactly league minimum numbers)....and Rinne is worth every penny of his deal and was clearly playing hurt last year.

lastly, if you dont comprehend the fact that the new playoff formula makes is significantly easier to make the playoffs, then you arent very good at math

previously, we had to be better than 7 teams to make the playoffs... now we only have to be better than 4, or possibly even three... I like our chances against Colorado and Winnepeg, and we are no worse than even with Dallas and Minnesota as long as we are healthy

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