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07-22-2013, 12:26 PM
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My problem with Skyrim is that I expected some sort of major change from the Morrowind days. Annoying load times in between areas and buildings still exists. Having to run across the map for ten minutes, only to get mauled by some random Giant you didn't expect, then respawn where you started...? 1000 Gold for a crappy horse that will end up becoming obsolete sooner than later? I loved Morrowind, didn't really play Oblivion or Fallout and barely got into Skyrim. I'll probably give it another chance someday, because I typically love games like Skyrim.

For now, I'll get my RPG/loot/raid fix via Borderlands 2.

Oh yeah, does anyone on here play Borderlands 2 on Xbox? A few of my friends and I have all of the DLC and play Borderlands 2 often.

Also, if there are any fellow Black Ops 2 players - hit me up.

And, Tiger 14.. I wouldn't mind playing a round with a fellow Flyer fan.

EDIT: I really want to get Last of Us, but I'm too involved with BL2, BO2, WWE13 and Tiger 14 already. I still have to finish Pokemon Black v2 on my 3DS..

EDIT2: Wow, I completely forgot to mention Bioshock: Infinite in that list I previously posted. Amazing game, but it was entirely too short. I beat it in five days. Came and went.

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