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07-22-2013, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Jacko95 View Post
Well I will be honest with you (as a Lightning fan that sees him regualry).
He produces points, but thats about it. He wasn't paired with Stamkos and MSL, it was always Stamkos with either Purcell or MSL and Lecavalier with Purcell or MSL.

The thing with Purcell is, he needs the right players with him to succeed. He totally scares away from physical play and is pretty bad on the back end. But pair him with a two-way player that is willing to battle for the puck regulary and you will have fun with Purcell. He makes incredible passes, nobody else on the ice saw coming and can actually shot quit well, but he is inconsistent.

So if you trade for him you get the player of the game 25% of the time, 50% of the time an average onedimensional top6 winger and 25% of the time a nonfactor.

That might all sound very bad, but after all he is really really good on what he does, but the problem is, he does not that much ( as said before one dimensional)
Nail on the head. Tedward can be frustrating as hell but when he's on he's often the best player on the ice and a threat to score at all times. With our glut of young, top-6 tweeners, I'd love to see Teddy moved out for an upgrade on D (RHD, top 4, physical, stay at home type) and would add handsomely if it brought us a top 2 Dman.

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