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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
What are you talking about? KrissE has been pretty respectful and has provided some strong arguments. Stop deflecting from the topic, unless of course you want to

It's not a matter of hindsight. Subban was already playing at a 5 million dollar level. Outside from a few string of games here and there which is normal for a young player, Subban was the team's number one D-men since his call up in the 09 playoffs, and this is not because we had no other option, but because Subban was already that good. Not only that, but Subban also showed that his development wasn't done yet and that there was still huge room to grow.

Not only would have paying him 5 million over 5-6 years have been paying him what he was worth at the time, but it would have given the Canadiens the opportunity to have the player at a discount should he continue to develop, which many were sure he would (and were vindicated in the fact that he was the Norris winner this year). This was all stated BEFORE the contract and BEFORE his outstanding season, so it's not a question of hindsight.

Oh and before I forget... I need to finish this off with a and
The Habs had him at a discount this year, and will again next know, when it matters the most and the cap is going down.

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