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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post

You're right that the cap will be the lowest next year, but that's not when it'll be the most important to us. The cap hit will be the most important when we're closer to contention, that's hopefully between 2-4years. That's when we'll have a few players off their ELC, some entering their prime, and we'll need as much cash saved off them so we can go after big names and over pay.

Also, entirely speculative that PK never bought into a team concept before, and I have a hard time understanding where this comes from when it's clear he's a huge team player. Always praises his teammates, always defends them, never throws anyone under the bridge.
In 2-4 years based on current projections, the cap will be at 70M+

As far as having as much cash saved to go after big names and over pay? Do you mean via free agency?

If so, I think MB has said that that's not the way he will operate...furthermore, can you guarantee that

A - Big names will be available? (there is less and less quality available via free agency)
B - that they will sign in Montreal?

Furthermore, the last time the Habs had a ton of cap space and used it to overpay for free agents, they ended up trading for Scott Gomez, and signing Gionta/Cammalleri etc to bloated contracts

How did that work out?

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