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Originally Posted by WG View Post
Generally speaking, yes, yes it does.

If the team fills the roster next offseason and has one slot left, say, a scoring winger to take Gio's spot in the lineup or a physical stay at home D, if MB has $5M to spend I'd say the chances to get a good player in that spot are better than if he has $2M.

This does not guarantee anything, nobody claims this. Sure, he could sign a $5M bust. Or we get some bargain bin guy or a rookie who comes in and over-performs at $1M.

But the concept that $5M player is generally > $2M player is pretty obvious, I'd think.
Yes, no one claims that because they can't

They just knock MB's decision to sign PK to a bridge deal because the money they could of saved over the next 5 years COULD of been used to sign a player, or players which COULD of made the team better

Just like if I play lottery this weekend, I COULD win it

Point is I've never argued that giving PK a long term deal off his ELC would of been a bad idea...that would of been fine as well, PK to me is a sure thing

I just disagree that just because they signed him to a bridge deal, and that now his cap hit will be higher...that THIS very fact makes it a bad decision

Maybe this is foolish, but I can't accept that MB didn't know it would cost him more in terms of cap hit

I just think that he feels, just like I do, that there are a number of ways to mitigate this

I understand that from a purely mathematical standpoint in dollars...that it's a loss. But it doesn't have to mean more then that, it doesn't have to affect how this roster will be built

And anyone saying the opposite is just doing guesswork

There will be NO WAY to EVER determine whether the bridge deal or the alternative of signing him to a long term deal off ELC was right or's impossible

Actually, the only way would be if the Habs sign PK to a long term deal at 7.5M-8M and he totally flops

But I don't think anyone here, nor in management, believes that to be a plausible outcome

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