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07-22-2013, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by CROTT View Post
I only used seven defensemen in my numbers, I think some thing is messed with the cap geek total. If you take the numbers per player 13 forwards 42.5, 7 defensemen 18.7, and 2 goalies 4.5 you get 65.7 million which is more then 64.3. And that with out counting the 1,900,000 for Larsen and Potter.

I did make reference to next seasons RFA's and the cap going up, but like the seven defensemen it seams like you either don't read or like to use other peoples ideas and claim them as your own.
You're probably not factoring the bonus cushion of 7.5%. Teams can go 7.5% over the cap to accommodate potential bonuses which Edmonton has as much as 9 million worth. So the cap target is then 69.122 million. Granted if everyone cashes these bonuses it impacts next years cap, but that may be a nice problem to have if it happens.

I too have a spreadsheet and mine calculates cap number based on the top 23 cap totals (i.e. the worst case scenario excluding injury cap hits) and it has Edmonton at $66,581,667 total cap hit which gives about $2.5 million cap room. In theory substituting any player out of the 23 top cap hits for a player with a lesser cap hit introduces cap savings. This is less so with the one way contracts as the max cap savings for demoting them is basically $925,000 and the 24th highest cap hit on the team is $925,000.

Just noticed a calculation error as it was only adding up the top 22. So the worst case cap room is really about 1.5. So they probably don't want to be adding any more salary at this point, but they are under the cap technically speaking.

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