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07-22-2013, 06:07 PM
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Originally Posted by maplepred View Post
Like why go sign Hendricks and nystrom for overpriced contracts and now we have a cluster**** of bottom six guys and they are making tons of money, I think that's what bugs people the most, the money could have been saved and used on something this team actually needs, like say offense??
the "bottom 6" isnt just whatever six schmoes we can sign for cheap and throw out there.

those guys are counted on to provide things like grit, energy, defense, penalty killing and secondary scoring.

the sad sacks we had playing those roles last year like Halischuk and Spaling, were neither gritty nor did they kill penalties all that well. They werent good at puck possession and couldnt forecheck for squat. They have been replaced, because they needed replacing. Now, time will tell if these new guys are any better... maybe they will be, maybe they wont.. but to argue we would have been just as well to keep what we had doesnt make any sense.

and as of yet nobody can demonstrate how spending on these guys has prevented us from getting the elusive "offense"... can you name someone we would have had but didnt because we spent the money on the new signings?? no, you cant...

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