Thread: News Article: Arron Asham on Torts and his future
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07-22-2013, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
Still putting words in people's mouths I see. No one ever said that the personnel weren't also at fault. What don't you understand about EVERYONE sharing a portion of the blame? The players were to blame. Management was to blame. And yes, Torts was to blame. You can't fire all the players and we all know Sather isn't leaving until he wants to, so Torts was the one to go. End of story.
I didn't put words in anyone's mouth. Ironically, that happened to me in this thread, but I didn't kick and scream about it.

I always find it funny when people pop off and then scream End of Story. Reminds me of the kids who ran home with the ball.

Anyway, I will continue to offer my opinions on any topic I choose. A mod has the right to silence me. You don't have that right.

Back on topic, I already very clearly stated that I had no problem with firing Torts. My issue is with people who make wide-sweeping statements that are based on opinion with no facts to back up their arguments. I like asking those people where their opinions come from. Most understand this and then try to present evidence. Others prefer to yell at the one asking for justifications for opinions.

Too often people use generalizations and assumptions when making their argument as if they know what goes on in the locker room. I have no idea what goes on in there and for the most part, none of us do. So, when someone tells me that Callahan does not go after the coach when he should, I wonder how someone knows that and ask for examples of other captains who go after their coach. I know of Messier doing those things but can't think of another captain who does so, so to me it is a bogus position to take.

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