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11-01-2006, 07:42 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
Sounds like the same. They played 7 home games against each team then, I know it was a Saturday game.

I was in the greys [later to become the whites] behind the wrong net. My aunt, a Ranger fan brought me. I remember the fights as in those days everyone would pair off, and it took some time to break things up. I'm sure Larose was in the middle of everything.

People didn't just 'buy' tickets in those days. If you had a connection of some kind, you'd go, but I don't remeber anyone buying them like they do now.

If a father was going to treat the family, it would be a Jr. game or an exhibition game against the Quebec Aces.

There were 4 boys in your family, I'd imagine it was a 4 year rotation, if that.
You're right about not buying tickets back then, my father would get 2 company tickets when the big shots couldn't go. It was quite rare for the Habs, but happened a lot more with the Expos. And that's the only game I remember seeing with my father, who wasn't a big fan anyway.

Seeing as how we have a 2 year window, that means 14 games vs Rangers, so the odds are slim we were at the same game. But it's still (kinda) cool that we both saw the same team for our first game. Do you still comb your hair like Rod Gilbert?

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