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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
Hey guys, I've got a wonderful idea. Let's keep defending plugs like Gorges and Gionta who get paid ridiculous amounts of money, and let's focus on bashing the signing of a Norris trophy winner to a salary he's actually worth!

You look at teams around who build champions, they build their roster by giving their franchise players huge contract, and confirm the identity of their teams with key, depth, role players and secondary players.

Signing Subban to a contract he deserves isn't a problem.
Signing Subban to a 5M/per year contract, after two seasons in this league, never breaking once the 40 points mark as an offensive d-man, with reported issues with his teammates (as unwarranted as it might have been, it's still what we were at before this season) would have been gambling on his potential. He was likely going to achieve that potential, but then again, I don't see what's the big deal here.

Some around here have way too few things to worry about if it's really what they're making a big fuss about. Just on that team, several other cases of overpayments could be raised...

But making a big deal out of paying a Norris winner what he's worth? I guess Habs fans REALLY aren't used to having winners on their squad anymore...
I hope you understand that the nonsense you spew daily about your nemesis Gorges really discredits a lot of what you have to say.

Subban at this time last year, had proven as much as many of his other contemporaries who were getting much larger second contracts. The ONLY reason Subban is still a Hab is because he LOVES being a Hab. Any other player, Canadian or Russian, would've said F Off! to that handsome idiot in the GM office and forced a trade. Subban played in all situations, against the toughest opponents and demonstrated fantastic awareness and growth. He's big, he's fast, he's smart, he's consistent and he's tremendously respectful to his team and modest toward the media. And this was all him at this time last year.

If Bergevin did well by giving Subban a "bridge" deal (which, surprise, doesn't exist anymore.) then he ought to have done something similar with Desharnais. But he didn't, so either he messed up with DD or messed up with Subban (hint: he messed up with both!). Do you know any other 21min/night d-men who are fast, consistent can score on the PP, and can play physical in the NHL... and are paid anything less than 4mil? There were games in which Subban logged major, major minutes and looked none worse for wear the next game.

Just like the club rewarded Gorges for his professionalism and dedication - they ought to have rewarded Subban. But what happened was the opposite, Subban rewarded the Habs by accepted that ludicrous offer. His agent was probably ripping his hair out. You don't think Philly attempted to offer-sheet him with something more substantial than fkn 2.7mil? AND SUBBAN TURNED THEM DOWN.

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