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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Bleat bleat, goes the sheep... Seriously, it's amazing how many times this can be repeated by so many people who obviously have no clue. Here's Jagr's salary history combined with his signing history:

Before the '04/05 he had a contract with an $11 million salary (signed in '02/03).
NHL lockout happens, 24% rollback introduced, and Jagr still came back to the NHL. That same contract lasted until the end of '08/09, where he went from $8.36 million in the NHL to playing for (as far as anyone can tell) a $7 million salary in the KHL (plus bonuses).
He then re-signed for one year with Omsk for what his agent described as "lower base salary" (but with more bonuses).
He then comes back to the NHL to play for $3.3 million, which is surely lower than what he could have gotten in the KHL.

So, aside from getting paid what he earned after '11/12 and what he was worth last year (yes, a player of his calibre, despite his age, playing all those games, handling those minutes and producing ~0.8 PPG is worth $4.5 million - any Desharnais fan would HAVE to agree), there's almost a decade's worth of Jagr actually taking progressively less money in order to play where he wanted to. What a horrible guy...
No taxes in KHL, low taxes in Dallas, New Jersey with lots of money to spend.

So really the only actual example you've given in which he's taken a "paycut" is with Philly. For all we know it was the highest offer, or just something he took so he could showcase his skills again. Even after the rollback, he was the highest paid player in the NHL. Nothing to scoff at. Oh and when Washington traded him to New York, he deferred $1 million of his salary...with interest of course.

Also, the "low end" deal with Omsk was $5 million a year, which is probably more than he made in the NHL after taxes.

Jagr is known to have had a gambling problem, as well as problems with the IRS from unpaid taxes.

Really sounds like a guy that doesn't care about money.

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