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07-22-2013, 11:15 PM
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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
I wasn't sure where to post this - but thought I'd ask it here.

...are you guys at all worried that Bergevin's 'hard ball'/'bridge contract' technique, while saving money in the short term, might encourage your higher profile players to be equally aggressive when seeking their next contract?

And we were lucky that Subban didn't ask for a trade.
Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
I guess the reason I was surprised re PK is that he's a player you'd hope will be a franchise d-man - and are you at all worried he'll start negotiating later in way so as to 'pick up' the $ he feels he "lost", if you will, on this bridge contract.

...this is probably outside the scope of this thread - but are you guys anticipating Bergevin will try to hard ball Galchenyuk re a bridge contract?

Topic? I mis-read the thread as being 'should" not "does" bergevin have to sign PK - and said, yes - he should try to re-sign him.
I sincerely hope he learns from the mistakes he made with PK. If Galchenyuk plays well (and that remains to be seen -too early to say) and MB pulls that tough guy act again, we alienate our younger star, pay more in the long run and run the risk of him asking for a trade.

If MB does this again, he should be shot twice and pissed on.

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