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Originally Posted by Insta View Post
You seem to really be hung up on the 36-1 game, yet you fail to memtion that every esks receiver was injured that game. They had to bring guys in days before the game just to field a lineup. That would be like judging an oilers season based on a game where the entire top 6 is injured.
This was the third game in a row the club had been drubbed. To be clear a 5-0 club went under .500 the rest of the way in a year in which opposition was extremely weak and much weaker than it is now. Riders were in complete disarray, everybody sucked in the east except Montreal and for a brief time Winnipeg. Calgary was rebuilding. We were playing bad and winning some games. Some barely. Even though we were facing patsies any time the opposition wasn't BC or Montreal. Neither of which we could beat. We were the third best club in a year in which only 4-5 credible lineups existed.

As far as the game in question Ray flat out gave up in that game. Laid down, couldn't be bothered. Played about 1, 2 series with any interest in executing at all and played the rest of the game content to get off field as quickly as he could which he did with aplomb. Its why he was being so passionately booed. He committed the cardinal sin in pro sports. The leader of the club flat out gave up. Lost interest, just wanted the game to end.

Contrast this with Lulay a week ago in Edmonton having a dismal first half, with the Leos not well engaged, nothing clicking, team not playing well, and Lulay takes it upon himself to get the result. A heroic result when nobody else was going and without his star receiver in the lineup this year. Lulay did this during a game when the awful weather could've been used as an enough of an excuse by anybody on the field.

Leaders lead. Ray stopped doing this here a longtime ago.

This is a city that doesn't forgive lack of effort. Lack of results yes, lack of try unforgivable.

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