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07-23-2013, 04:07 AM
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Hi everyone! Totally new here, and I've been itching to talk to some other players lately...

I started skating when I was about 11 or 12 at my local rink in Brisbane, Australia and luckily enough the staff there were always super friendly, and I made friends fast with some other kids my age. They got me off figure skates pretty quick and into my first pair of hockey skates, but when it came time to play, my mum just couldn't afford all the gear and the yearly membership. I kept skating though, about 6 hours every weekend. I'd say in the middle of my teenage years, I was a pretty strong skater.

I haven't been skating regularly for about the past five years now, but I've recently found a new rink to go to here in Sydney (I've been living here for a bit now), and it's been challenging getting back on the ice. I still remember everything, but I haven't had a chance to get my skates sharpened in a very long time, and they're blunt as all get out. I mean gripping the ice is a challenge. I end up wearing my shins out within an hour because I have to put so much pressure on them to get any kind of grip. Good news is that I took them in to be sharpened yesterday, and hopefully I can have a proper skate on the weekend.

I'm contemplating finally learning to play hockey, but my problem is that I'm moving to the United States in about 6 months, and I really don't want to buy gear and then somehow take it with me on the plane! That, and hockey is much bigger over in the states (obviously), and I can probably find a really nice, super beginner league for women. I think I'll just keep refining my skating skills so I'm back up at a good level by the time I get to New Jersey, and then find a league to join.

Anyway, that's my little story. Thought I'd stick it in this thread because I guess I'm still sort of a beginner, despite skating for a good ten years now haha! Oh God, it's been so embarrassing skating the last few times, because I'm deathly afraid of putting pressure on my hockey stops because of how blunt my skates are. I went for a good stop the other day and nearly fell! The skate staff must've thought I was the worst thing they'd ever seen. Nothing like knowing you can do better and making a damn fool out of yourself, haha.

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