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Originally Posted by SLake View Post
Rinne was injured all season last year and readily admits that it affected him. Bourque tore his knee in Milwaukee a couple weeks before the lockout ended. Gaustad was injured before he was acquired. Remember too that with a full summer and training camp, players will be better prepared for the demands of the season.

Nothing in life is granted. But last year we were starting the year with some major injuries. My point is that this year we are starting from scratch. That's an improvement over last year.

I'll be the first to say that Hutton is a big risk, but like you said earlier, "In Mitch We Trust" (avatar please!!!). Milwaukee was also asked to pick a goalie and they chose Hutton. Hellberg will be ready by season's end and I wouldn't doubt he would stand a good chance at shining should he come up mode season this year. There is no replacing Rinne though.

On D, we are short right now, yet have a bit of a log jam. Ekholm is ready. Ellis has to take a step forward. Will be interesting who they bring in to provide depth in Milwaukee. Still 5 or 6 guys to add there yet.
Well we went from a contending team and when the defense wasn't what it was we fell apart. Now we are back to just making the playoffs and that's not a given. Rookies forwards don't breakout in a Trotz system. Now we are now going with servicable veterans to be a tough team that can't score. We don't have a proven scorer on this roster. Hornqvist is the closest we have but he can't stay healthy for a full season. Wilson hasn't had a full productive season yet. This goes to when we needed a scorer we got Fisher. Now we need a scorer and we got Cullen. There is always some reason we can't get a top scorer because he doesn't like the West or because his wife is from the Midwest or his price is too high or he's not this or he's not that. This franchise all it wants to do is make the playoffs and bow out and it was a sucessful season. We aren't built to make a long run. We are on the defensive side but we can't compete on the offensive side. Depending on the matchup we are first round exist waiting to happen and I don't see anything game changing. Poile is saying all the right excuses like everyone has who doesn't make it says. This guy was hurt and this happened and that happened. But is Poile/Trotz regime jobs on the line if this don't work out the way they anticpate it will?

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