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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
I don't know how many players like you described above go on to win the Norris a year later as 23 year olds after having missed training camp and beginning of season.

Either we're talking about a player who took one of the most gigantic leap forward ever, or your description is completely wrong.

Given that many, including me, saw PK as our best player already before his Norris season, I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that your evaluation of Subban was/is dead wrong.
well, for starters we're talking about a still very young player so YES they can make gigantic leaps... and, his offensive game was good already, he didnt go from 0.5 PPG to a PPG by changing everything, a few tweaks here and there (not going end to end every time he has a chance to, not slapping everytime he's fed a pass on the PP - those two alone change a lot in his overall game even though they're just minor adjustments)... he mostly improved defensively, went from slightly above average to very good...

had you ever played in a highly competitive sport, you'd get that minor adjusments can change EVERYTHING in your competitiveness/productivity.

Just have to look around, difference between top athletes and middle of the pack are splitt seconds, a pound or two, slightly more power, using a different stick or baseball bat, new footwear, having your feet twisted a little more, your hand an inch lower, etc... none of them become top athletes by changing their game completely...

so yeah! again, it is possible...

but hey! guess I'm wrong in my evaluation, from good to Norris calibre within a half season, everyone would have predicted that right ?

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