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07-23-2013, 06:42 AM
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Yankee ownership and management are delusional. First it was Vernon Wells. Now Alfonso Soriano. The latter is a better player than the former but its not going to make them a better team. The Yankees need to wake up. They are falling further and further behind in the wildcard. The team is old and expensive. Look at the trend. The teams are younger and younger. The Yankees have no clue. Very sad. You look at the schedule coming out of the ASB. At Boston and Texas. Home for Tampa. On the road at LA.

Ownership needs tell Cashman to blow up the team. Trade Kuroda. He should bring back a top prospect and another young player. Trade Hughes and Joba for the first decent offer. Shop Robertson and Gardner. See if you can get a rich prospect package for each of the players. They aren't free agents yet. Still young and productive. When Granderson returns in August,put him on waivers with the purpose of trading him before August 31. If another team wants Ichiro,they can have him.

Hopefully Bud Selig throws the book at AROD and suspends him forever. Maybe AROD retires before the suspension. He finds a way to keep his money. The Yankees would be responsible for 20% of the remaining dollars with insurance paying the rest. AROD can show the 2 hip surgeries forced him to retire. Four more years remaining on the contract after this season.

Jeter is supposed to return from his latest foot injury this weekend. How long before he gets hurt again?

Offer Cano no more than 7 years. Big money. Just 7 years.

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