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07-23-2013, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Insta View Post
You seem to really be hung up on the 36-1 game, yet you fail to memtion that every esks receiver was injured that game. They had to bring guys in days before the game just to field a lineup. That would be like judging an oilers season based on a game where the entire top 6 is injured.
The 36-1 game was the "Jump the Shark" moment for Ray as an Eskimo. I was also there, and Replacement is right, that is the moment where Ray flat out gave up on the franchise. Their was a home game against Montreal a few weeks later that was quite similar, just to confirm things.

To clarify one point in Replacement's post, it was BC that started the season 0-5. It's two years later and I'm still absolutely livid that they finished first and won the Grey Cup after starting 0-5 when we started 5-0. It might be the only season where one team singlehandedly gave another the Grey Cup. The 36-1 game, two more late season games in BC where we bent over and grabbed our ankles, and then of course the West Final embarrassment. Four games. If we win a single one of them, we win the Grey Cup, of that I am sure. I still haven't fixed the hole I punched in my living room wall, so every day when I see it, it's another painful reminder of Eskimo incompetence.

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