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07-23-2013, 08:43 AM
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Swede supporting Leksand here. From my perspective, some of the comments here (like "that is so ****ing greasy...those *******s" and "How about the Habs decide where he'll develop better? Both Windsor and Leksand will only have him in the short term and are biased...") are quite ignorant.

The fact that NHL-teams can snatch players who are under contract without buy-out clauses for a low standardised price is bad enough (like Michael Raffl's move from Leksand to Flyers earlier this summer). When we start to surrender players under contract to junior leagues without getting to name a price, well that would be the day we might as well stop using contracts altogether and just let players represent the team they feel like from day to day. The SHL is not a North American minor league.

In Sweden, teams are clubs, not franchises. There is no such lottery event like the NHL-draft that randomly decides what team a player ends up in. Instead, all clubs have their own junior teams all the way down to about age 6 and players are brought up in this system so we have a lot of local talent representing their respective team. Jacob de la Rose has been in Leksand since age 15 and Filip Forsberg for example has represented Leksand his whole life. Naturally, it is not in the interrest of the club to spend time and money on a player (including that spent on the majority that don't make it to a pro level), if when he finally reaches age and skill enough to contribute to the club we have to release him to CHL for an unsignificant sum of money just because "it's better for the Montreal Canadiens". We couldn't care less about the Montreal Canadiens (no offense).

To us, he's not here "in the short term". He is bred here and he is one of us. That said, staying in the SHL will probably be better than playing in OHL as it is a much better league. Even if he gets less ice time than expected it won't be THAT much worse that you need to worry. There are also the alternatives here to give him ice time with Leksand's U-20 team or let him play with a Hockeyallsvenskan team on a loan spell for a shorter or longer period. When people say things like "He's going to learn absolutely nothing about physical play by playing in Sweden" I wonder if they actually have seen any Swedish hockey or if they take any prejudice they stumble over for granted.

Montreal will get him for a handful of dollars in a year if they want to, but for now he is our player and we decide. If this upsets anyone, try to look at the situation from this side of the pond.

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