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07-23-2013, 08:51 AM
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The Re-Akt has not been independently proven to be any more effective than the 4500 at reducing concussions. The M11 had to retract all their claims to concussion prevention as well.

For goalie vs skater helmets...well goalies routinely take pucks to the head. For skaters, it's not really a concern. Padding is great at dispersing the impact of a puck on the helmet, which is why goalies should invest in a quality helmet/mask. But the big danger for skaters is a blindside hit or getting boarded and then their head hitting the ice for a second impact. Not really a concern for goalies. And not something that a thin piece of padding can mitigate.

A big concern is rotational forces. Can a helmet prevent your head from twisting? Obviously not, unless the helmet is coupled with a neck and head brace.

A very recent study says expensive football helmets don't prevent concussions. And considering how much larger football helmets are than hockey, what chance does a tiny amount of padding have to help us with high speed collisions? Direct quote:

"The helmet technology is advanced as it can be. They've done a wonderful job. We don't have skull fractures in football," he said. "But I don't know how much padding can be put in to prevent the brain from sloshing around inside the cranium."
The function of a helmet is to prevent your skull from being split open. The padding is there to disperse those direct forces and for comfort. That's the difference between cheap and expensive helmets.

"In terms of equipment, there really isn't that much more we can do," Ambrose said. "Where we have a lot of potential for reducing concussion is the way the game is played."
That's the key, the way the game is played. If you want to prevent concussions, you have to avoid the big hits to the head and nasty collisions along the boards.

My point is that the 4500 passed all the same certification. There's no scientific proof as of yet that any helmet is better than any helmet with concussions. If you like the look and feel of the 4500, if it fits and is comfortable, then wear it and don't feel like you're putting yourself at risk.

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