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07-23-2013, 09:08 AM
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Originally Posted by EE AY HOCKEY CONNECT View Post
Lol. It's not that bad!

Sedin is still 89 (which does make him the best player in the entire deal. Sure Tavares is younger but I doubt this league makes in to the end of next season before 2013 comes out. With rest being said, those players can be considered a wash.

Also, in Americanadian I just drafted the islanders with my team pick at 14th overall for 2014. Leaving teams like SJ and Philly on the board. I wants to practice with Tavares after I saw camwise post that he doesn't want anything to do with Tavares. He is a mile out of the playoffs and mentioned that he was interested in moving some players out.

As for as the rest goes, horak for an overpaid perron who is signed for 3 years ar triple the ammount for a injured expnsive player with 3 years left on his deal. Brouwer and moss are a wash. That leaves tinordi + A 4.5 star prospect For Carlson.

I guess that's a bit off. In the real world it could make sense. It's t deadline, he is in sell mode (I'm guessing) and I sent over a 4 star 80 dman, as well as a playable 75 4.5 star player that's 23. Next season he could be in the early to mid 80s @ 800K. To me that is the type of deals that get done at th deadline. A team trying desperately to make the playoffs trading there top 2 d prosects for a 6M veteran to a team shedding salary and looking to next year.

I won't deny that I am friends and colleagues with wiserc so I have problem with the trade being voided. Tbh I have been trying to get Tavares for from him forever. He is a nucks fan and loves the sedins.

Whatever you chose is all good by me
Thanks for the response. Can you guys make it a little more even? When I saw it it looked like three top line young players for a Sedin that has aged eight years since we started this league. Great trade for you, but if one person gives up and trades a crap load of good players to overload another team its not fair to the rest of us!

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