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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post

Have you never had an argument with a coworker?
Yes. Never in public, especially not on national TV.

Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
I refuse to believe that Habsterix watches games and has opinions of his own. It's just vague typhoid-like wisps of media-generated nothingness.
Solid argument Whiskey. I've lived to see 10 Habs' Stanley Cups. I don't need (or want) the media to make my opinion. The only reason why Stock is in this video is because that's the only youtube that I found with the Subban/Pacioretty incident.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
As I said before, your points are garbage. I've ripped them apart more than once and so did LG. Save face and call it quits.
Speaking of garbage, I've skipped quoting the rest of it in your post to avoid hurting the eyes of the people reading it. The blinders that you and LG are wearing, your way of comparing apples and oranges (referring to DD and Bouillon, amongst other things), your mistaking of facts and opinions, your moving the goal posts to better suit your garbage... Are you sure it's not the same account?

Again though, unlike you, even if I strongly disagree with your opinion, I respect it even if/when I feel it's garbage. I do question your ability to see both sides of a medal however but it might come with time. Where there's life, there's hope and I prefer seeing the positive in things instead of being in a constant panic mode.

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