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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
The 36-1 game was the "Jump the Shark" moment for Ray as an Eskimo. I was also there, and Replacement is right, that is the moment where Ray flat out gave up on the franchise. Their was a home game against Montreal a few weeks later that was quite similar, just to confirm things.

To clarify one point in Replacement's post, it was BC that started the season 0-5. It's two years later and I'm still absolutely livid that they finished first and won the Grey Cup after starting 0-5 when we started 5-0. It might be the only season where one team singlehandedly gave another the Grey Cup. The 36-1 game, two more late season games in BC where we bent over and grabbed our ankles, and then of course the West Final embarrassment. Four games. If we win a single one of them, we win the Grey Cup, of that I am sure. I still haven't fixed the hole I punched in my living room wall, so every day when I see it, it's another painful reminder of Eskimo incompetence.
There was no later home blowout game, it was in Montreal and BC back to back. The Montreal one, a game where Ray had ok numbers and the team flat out stunk They had -1 yards rushing for THE WHOLE GAME. We had open catches for big gains and touchdowns that the receivers flat out dropped. Clearly this is Ray's fault for quitting on the team. Unbelievable. You don't even remember what actually happened because it doesn't fit your narrative of blaming Ray.

Before losing the western finals, the Esks won 5 of their last 6. Ray quit on the team?

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