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07-23-2013, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
This bubble chamber is the only place on the planet where there isn't and never was any interest in trading for Ryan Miller. Half of you will apparently argue now that you obviously couldn't even give Ryan Miller away, and it's mostly the same half of you who argued not to bother taking a lousy 2nd rounder before the draft because there would be better offers in a month.

Meanwhile, the only evidence of the goalie market that exists for either side showed half a dozen teams make moves to get goalies over the last month. I know it's not conclusive evidence, but it strongly suggests that they'd likely have been willing to part with something in order to get a better goaltender. You just don't have a player like Miller being flat out worthless purely because of his age and contract - not when Evgeni Nabakov is being paid what the Islanders would have had to pay Miller if we'd retained salary.

Just think about that. The Islanders paid Nabakov, at age 37, what they could have been paying Miller with retained salary. Don't even try to tell me they wouldn't prefer Miller.
This is such an obnoxious response. You have the condescending tone down, but not anything to back it up.

Nabakov was already their goalie and re-signing him only cost cap space. How does that indicate they were interested in or willing to trade for Miller? "Retained salary" is irrelevant... it would have cost them more cap space to re-sign him. Use your brain before telling everyone their wrong.

I'm simply saying there's no reasonable way of knowing there is less of a market for Miller now, whereas you're adamant that there is, yet have no more basis for saying that than I have for being reasonable and open-minded. You haven't cited a single example of a team that would've wanted to bring in Miller but have since brought in someone else. You kind of need to do that if you're going to act like you're right about this.

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