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07-23-2013, 11:14 AM
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Who cares if we are spending more money. I would rather not be spending all the extra cash then spending it ridiculously. Spend the money to bring in a sniper or two, if you can't get then just save it so we have cap room when that player becomes available to us.
I would rather see guys like Watson, budish playing for under a million rather than nystrom and Hendricks.
Really, if poile thought we needed an 8 million dollar fourth line so badly, couldn't he have instead just signed one of Hendricks/nystrom then let a young guy play or even better, leave a roster spot for bargain clune or spals. Poile messed up this summer and did nothing. No trades, no big signings, just crap and same excuses.

It's pretty clear that lots of us are thinking this. And someone mentioned above and I totally agree, guys like forsberg, beck, are not going to 'break out' with even forty points, trotz won't let it happen because they have to cover the man in the defensive zone.... As if we don't have enough amazing defense already, they need help from our miserable forwards.

Someone also said this is the best team we have had since the kariya years?!?! All I can say to that is lmao!!

This is an extremely, extremely talented defensive team that couldn't score for the life of them. Plain and simple boring hockey, 1-0 games.

I've always liked poile, but maybe after fifteen years, nothing last second round and he is to damn conservative to make big moves it seems in his old age, maybe it's time to move on and get a more ballsy gm. Just a thought anyways.

And not only does nystrom deal screw us with cap space for this season, the bum is signed for 4 years!! Wtf?!?!
Makes 3 million last two years!!! Ugh! Gonna be a loooooooong season with another top five pick at this rate.

Anyone who tries to be optimistic, I give you credit, but I'm sorry, this is not a playoff team let alone a cup contender.

Edit *
Anyways guys, I've said my peace enough about this and I'm done talking about it. Just so beat down as a fan after lousy draft and lousy free agency after getting hopes up again....
But yeah, you won't see me posting about how much crap we have signed for next year until it starts showing us losing games (but body checking the crap out of everyone while losing), and until then I'm going to quit stressing, no point, we can't do anything but watch as fans. I've said my peace, this offense is worst in NHL possibly ever by any team since I can remember. This thread is depressing, and painful when guys try to make it sound like we are an awesome team.
If someone replies to my message cool, but I'm not going to even read this thread anymore. I'm out guys, cheers.

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