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07-23-2013, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
Nobody's going to deal with Lamiorello differently because he gave away Tallinder.
you thought that was a good comparison?

Why would it affect his ability to negotiate trades in the future? So I'm not allowed to assume that any team in the NHL would be willing to give up any assets at any point for Ryan Miller, but you're allowed to assume that GMs all bizarrely look at a guy who made one bad trade and consequently never offer him fair value again, even to their own detriment?
you've changed your assumption.

Your original, "i told you so" post, claimed that the market for Miller had changed. You've done a swell song and dance... but haven't backed up your claim with anything other than the assumption that teams that acquired goaltenders through UFA or Trade for younger potential franchise goalies would have traded "something" for Miller.

Your claim is that the market was better before these other goalie moves... and you have no evidence that the market was a "2nd round pick" THEN, and remains a "2nd round pick" now.... NONE.

Prove the market has changed... or move on.

If you have an unmarketable player, you have an unmarketable player. Do what's best for your team. The league will get over it.
what impact would giving the starting goaltender away have on the lockerroom. If those running the team aren't committed to winning this year, why should the players be?

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