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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Miller leaving in free agency next summer would have little in common with Briere/Drury leaving.

1) we already know he's likely to leave and have made plans for it (trading for Hackett).

2) Miller would be older (34) and at the tail end of his career when he leaves unlike Briere (28)/Drury (30) when they left.

3) he also would be leaving a team rebuilding with youth not a Cup contender like the team Briere/Drury left. It would hardly be the severe blow that the co-caps leaving was.

4) him playing for one more year here actually has value to the development of our youth. Most directly it helps Enroth/Hackett but it also helps the young d-corp in Buffalo and Rochester by giving them solid goaltending to work in front of.

I think you view getting a top 3 pick as the only goal for next year. It takes away from any larger discussion on what's best for the overall team and organization's development going forward. I view the development of our current group of young players and prospects as priority #1 and I suspect that's Regiers thinking as well. That may lead to a top pick but its not the primary goal. We have a lot of talent in the system. If developed properly we should have the ability to be a successful team for many years to come and have the assets to maintain it. Giving away Miller IMO does little to advance this cause.
I agree that Miller leaving for nothing would not be as damaging as Briere-Drury. It's similar in kind, not necessarily degree. It's lost value for nothing.

And I agree it's important to give players the right kind of development. But (1) I disagree that playing on a losing team is necessarily the problem we should be avoiding. Almost every elite player in the league has played on a stinker. Playing with a coach who gives them the right kind of minutes, sets the right expectations, and encourages them to develop a complete game even if it means losing in the short term is vastly more important than having them look at the standings and feel a little bit better. And (2) I don't think the talent to win a cup is in our pipeline yet. I think we'll be very lucky if we have elite talent come out of this group. For that reason, I think it's more important to go back to the trough than to try to teach the kids we have to win now. Reasonable minds can differ on that. But I think it's a huge assumption that just being around a good player makes a player better, especially if it means they don't get to play while he does. That's all Miller really offers, is a nice guy to look up to. I don't think the development value of that is that strong.

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