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07-23-2013, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
Can't. But I don't particularly want to move on either. If you find the assumption that Philly and NYI and Toronto would probably have been willing to offer something for Miller absurd and unworkable, you can check out of this conversation. I think it's pretty reasonable to assume that some market interest was there.
even if i were to agree with you (i dont), it does NOT support your claim that the market has changed.

Toronto WAS offering something reasonable (darcy says no)
St Louis IS offering something reasonable (darcy still says no)

there is nothing to infer that the market for Miller has changed

Darcy is asking for X
1 month ago Team A offered Y
Today Team B is offering Y

same market.... until you prove otherwise... or recognize that your self serving assumption is totally meaningless

I haven't asked you to defend why you assume Philly, NYI and Toronto would give nothing for him.

Why don't we turn the tables? Defend your assumption. Do you really think the difference between Miller and Emery is null to Philly? And can you prove it??? Actually, wait, you probably do, because every goalie in the league is interchangeable to you.
Yes, I think GMs around the league have learned that building a good team, allows you to plug in an NHL caliber starter... and therefore trading assets for a 34 year old rental goalie who hasn't done much in 5 of the last 6 seasons would be a waste of assets.

I don't think there exists much of a market for 1 year, aging goalies (in trade)... but feel free to point out some good examples of trades that could be comparables.

I also don't think the LIMITED market for such a goalie has changed much because of what other teams did.

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