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01-10-2004, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by HabzIsLife
look russian rocket its not hard to understand

This is a HABS board where HABS fan get together and GLOAT about THEIR team. And SO, YES it will happen that we overrate our players just like we want to rip em up when they suck.

I don't see other fans coming out of their way to stop us from ripping our players apart, why do they need 2 give their 2cents when where making them gods?

Yup, but nazi leaders also seriously overrated Germany's capacity to successfully wage a war on both fronts, and were finally hanged a few years later or had to commit suicide as a result while their once wonderful country was ripped apart harder than a little muslim girl living in Jerusalem during the Crusades, a situation that could have been prevented, by the way, if only the Reich's neighbours hadn't been so passive during the years before the war.

Which brings me to this conclusion: cooler heads have to prevail. Or else we'd be ruled by Hitler's grandson, while the Habs would be dead last because of the head management's conviction that all Terry Ryan needs to become a superstar in this league is to get more ice time.

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