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07-23-2013, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
What resolved the lock out? negotiations, compromise on both sides. So, what caused lockout? no negotiations and no compromises obviously... What caused PK sittout out? no negotiations and no compromises by MB... obviously.

Yea he signed, because he saw MB wasn't going to budge, and PK being who he is just took it, realizing there were no "talks" and only demands, on one side, and that wasn't going to change... i mean, put yourself in PK's shoes for once, and imagine you just finished a terrific campaign, obvious #1 Dman in ALL situations, and you go into negotiations and boss is like "Yo sorry what u did in past means nothing, so heres minimum wage +1, that's the rules LOL "
This is ridiculous...minimum wage +1?

Dear God...look, i'm a HUGE fan of PK Subban, i've spent countless hours defending him on this board with the ridiculous character assasinations he's received throughout the years

But you and other have put him on a ridiculous pedestal where he's above reproach in everything.

The holdout, whether it's PK/MB or the NHL/NHLPA is NEVER a 1 person takes 2 people to reach that point.

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