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01-10-2004, 08:35 PM
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I think Duquette handled this perfectly. They made it known from the very start that if Guerrero was to sign here, he would do so on their terms. After the whole Alomar, Vaughn, and Cedeno debacles, you cant blame them for being so cautious about giving out long term deals. They stuck with their plan all along and didnt let the lure of a big talent take control of their decisions. If only the Rangers acted like this.

Lets face it. The Mets aren't going anywhere this year. Even with Vlad, they have no pitching at all and everyone knows it takes pitching to make the playoffs, let alone make some noise in them. There are big free agents like Vlad seemingly every winter, so there was no point in jumping the gun. Let them play out the year, grow as a team, and try to bring up some kids through the system. Sure they'll struggle a little this year, but it'll pay off in the future. They've got some stud pitchers in the minors now who'll be ready to make the jump within the next 2 years. Then, and only then, should the Mets go out and try to throw big money at big free agents. Btw, I believe Wood and Hudson (and possibly some other big pitchers) are FA's next winter. Those are the guys they should be saving up their money for.

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