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07-23-2013, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
This is ridiculous...minimum wage +1?

Dear God...look, i'm a HUGE fan of PK Subban, i've spent countless hours defending him on this board with the ridiculous character assasinations he's received throughout the years

But you and other have put him on a ridiculous pedestal where he's above reproach in everything.

The holdout, whether it's PK/MB or the NHL/NHLPA is NEVER a 1 person takes 2 people to reach that point.
Yea well if you read properly an not concentrate on exaggerated comments like "min wage +1" you would notice that what i wrote is EXACTLY that. MB and PK subban affair WAS a 1 person affair, MB made offer and didn't budge. He obviously didn't give to craps of what PK was worth and was ready to let him sit out entire season if necessary to prove his "principles", he was and didn't listen nor care of what that 2nd person in a 2 people affair had to think.

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