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07-23-2013, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
I really don't think these two issues are as related as some want to believe. He didn't let go of Carle to pursue Suter.

He simply let Carle go because he just didn't want to re-sign him at that price, not because he thought he could land Suter instead. And I can't blame him. Carle is not in any way worth 5m per season. He's not even worth 4.5m per season. So even if we could get him at Coburn type money, it's almost guaranteed that he would have clashed with our long term plans. And this year he proved he's not worth that type of commitment.

And I really don't think he would have made our team much better last season. We lacked much more than just a simple PMD.

As for Jagr; he was going to "stew" regardless of our other plans. The guy had a good time in Philly, but I really think he's just in it now to get around the league and see what every team has to offer. I respect a guy like him because he knows this is near the end, and he wants to experience everything before it's done. I don't think he really wanted to be in one place for the rest of his career.
Even if he didn't want to pay him the fact was that he was a need..that is what people don't get. That's what Meltzer pointed out as well. Gervais, Foster and Huskins were disasters and we had basically no PMD besides Timonen. It was a bad miscalc...period.

Sure we can haggle and debate whether Carle and Jagr would have made a difference but Holmgren certainly didn't replace either of them with anything you could call productive. Really..Knuble and later Gagne instead of Jagr and his continuity with players like Giroux and Hartnell? I mean Holmgren even admitted it was probably a mistake. I wouldn't want Jagr now but at the time he was still added value to the Flyers.

Look the Flyers didn't make the playoffs for a host of reasons and one of them was Holmgren. Anybody that denies this is lost in the woods...

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