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07-23-2013, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
If you agree it was well below his value, then you can understand why he'd be hesitent to sign such a deal.

Also, I'm pretty sure we can agree that during negotiations, usually, both sides start at their extremes. So PK starts with high demands, MB starts with a low offer, and from there they work out their differences. So, if we believe this is what happened, I have to wonder, what was Bergevin's initial offer?

In any event, it's clear they indirectly made PK lock out because they offered him a well below value contract.

Btw, not everybody seem to understand it was below value. Some are trying to make an argument it was fair.
Sure...But in the end, it will end up working out better for Subban. So knowing that now, was it worth him holding out?

Also, I understand that it was below value...but GM's and teams aren't forced to pay RFA's at market value. They can pay them what they think is equitable for their situation.

Sucks for the player, but that's the difference between being an RFA & being a UFA.

Seems to me we're losing what the term RESTRICTED FREE AGENT means. It means the teams are holding the hammer, PK signed the bridge deal and now he's the one holding the hammer.

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