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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
You can disagree all you want. It wasn't a hate post, it was an attempt to show you how you react. If you took it as a hate post, then how were your other posts then?

I've been saying all along that there are pros and cons to both sides and both sides have solid arguments. You disagree with that. That's fine, I'm truly fine with that but I won't agree.

I will however never agree with you and LG that there is no solid argument(s) for Bergevin's decision in this case. Why? Because it isn't true, no matter if you two get blue in the face debating. For that reason and that reason alone, as I won't change your opinion (not that I was trying to) and you won't change mine, I will stop debating this. At some point, someone has to take the high road.
You haven't got any solid arguments. You don't. I have yet to see one from you.

I've heard you say that MB wants to institute a manditory policy on the bridge... well okay, but you don't explain why. This policy (as many people have shown) makes no sense to begin with.

I've heard you say that others would've followed in Subban's footsteps had they 'given into him' but again... there's no indication from you as to why this would be bad.

You tried to say that the cap would go down... but this would only strengthen our argument that it was silly not to pay PK less over the long haul.

The only real tangible argument that you have actually made is that PK was motivated by being lowballed. And this is something that is completely unsupported.

Most debates have some things going for each side but you've been pretty much smoked across the board here dude. I had said my piece but when you come back and say that I've "moved the goalposts" and been unfair with your arguments, I'm inclined to come back here. If you feel that I've been unfair... SHOW ME. Show me where I have ducked anything you've tried to argue. Otherwise, leave my name out of it.

As for taking the high road, it's pretty clear from what E=CH wrote above that this isn't the case either. And it's really ironic because you've been so badly beaten in this thread that it's shocking that you would actually refer to other posters here as idiots.

If I don't see any reply (and I really don't see what you can reply with) from you I'll assume we're done. And unless you're going to call me on something specific, keep my name out of these posts.

Have a nice day!

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