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Originally Posted by OccupySouthBroadSt View Post
No he obviously did not....the Flyers obviously didn't make him a priority and put him and Jagr in a holding pattern while they pursued the Suter and Parise pipedream. Obviously, Carle didn't feel like being treated like a ginger stepchild and "Bolted" for the unreasonable cash and terms. Again, he could have been signed to more reasonable terms during the season when they had tagging space and Holmgren opened his big mouth that they could probably keep him at a home team discount. Unfortunately, Holmgren creamed his jeans over the very unlikely prospect of getting two Minnie natives to come play for the Flyers.....
I think we can speculate that (and I do agree with you about Carle) but I don't think it's a given that he would've signed here for cheaper than that.

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